Ambit Media Publishing House originated by the renaming of the CZECH HEALTH MAGAZINES, a.s. Company. The reason for this was its development in the media area and digression from the original sole dedication to health.

After its foundation in 2006 the company started to publish Český pacient (Czech Patient) magazine. This title focused on patients – health system clients and was available though health service establishments. There were six issues published.

In the half of 2007 the magazine radically changed. From the little amendments, planned originally, a new magazine, Rodina a zdraví (Family and Health), emerged. It has a different number of pages and different ways of distribution from its predecessor.

At the beginning of 2008 the company started to grow fast, mainly due to expansion of published titles. Nowadays Ambit Media publishes three magazines: Rodina & zdraví (Family & Health), fitstyl, freshmagazine and has plans on future expand of its publishing portfolio.

Ambit Media Company is a leading Czech publisher, mainly thanks to versatility and quality of its titles. With further planned growth its position as a commercial partner of advertisers and media agencies will become stronger than ever.

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